Credit for Buyers and Sellers in DC Area

Creditworthiness is very important and you mightn’t be familiar with your credit score or not know potencial credit challenges that you possibly have, that can hinder your loan approval.

I’d suggest that you first connect with a trusted lender, have them pull your credit and go over the report with you. Loan Officers are more familiar with the process, know how to best approach your current situation, recomend next steps and able to offer the most appropriete loan program based on your need and cash on hand. It is not advisable for you to start paying off or closing any accounts until you connect with the lender or credit agency. The incorrect action by you can cost credit points, thus unability to qualify or yield higher interest rates.

Please feel free to use Credit Karma and/or Credit Sesame as they can provide you with free information as to your current credit situation. The free services providers often suggest various credit card or loans offers at lower rate and so forth. It is best not to do anything without consultin first with a trusted Loan Officer, as any new credit additon or inquery can impact your credit and score.

In case of any credit deficiencies you can connect with Continental Credit and let them know I referred you it will provide $100 credit towards the plan. My suggestion if for you to follow their guidance in order to address the deficiencies and get your credit increased in order to qualify for the best interest rate and programs available.

In case of major credit derogatories [foreclosures, bankruptcy, short-sale or deed-in-lieu] please be sure to visit the Major Deragotories timetable here.