Insurance for DC Home Buyers and Sellers

List of few insurance agencies that you can contact. If you have another insurance agent you’d like to consider, please provide me with their contacts so I can touch base with them as well.

State Farm Insurance – Homeowners, Auto and Property Insurance
301.460.7060 | email | web

Elite Insurance – Homeowners, Auto, Property and Business Insurance
202.905.5800 | email | web

Congressional Insurance – Homeowners, Auto, Life and Business Insurance
240.912.4150 | email | web

Your Home Inventory Resource
Over time you acquire belongings, thus it is wise to document all of them so you know you’re fully covered in the event of an emergency. The online app Know Your Stuff is a great resource to keep all in one location and it can help you and your insurance agent tremendously in case of a loss. Do yourself and your family a favor and look in to Know Your Stuff and document all your possessions, you will be glad you did, heaven forbid you need it.